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Picture the scene.. the Generation Game producer has recruited you to help decide what prizes should go on the conveyor belt at the end of the show, which has a 1970s theme. What are you waiting for, they are recording the next series so start suggesting items now!
Spangles dh
Rodney Marsh's Haircut ICH
A Party Seven (but how do you open it?) dh
Worthington E dh
Stuart Hall jcs
Football pitches with no grass RJI
A Party 7 Can of Watneys Bitter RJI
Flared trousers which don't reach your platform shoes RJI
Don Revie RJI
Bay City Rollers RJI
Strikes (on everything) RJI
Collars your could land a Jumbo Jet on RJI
A pong game Anorak
ABBAS greatest hits 1970-1979 Ooster Urda Flinga
Space dust,balck jacks, fruit salads, refreshers, drumsticks No Teeth
Silver jubilee coin and commenarative mug HRH
A dictionary for the two items above mwk
Sue Lawley when she looked relativelt attractive (well, at the age of 13.....) mwk
A Music Centre with a selection of James Last LPs Dave
Space Hoppers (oh what fun we had with those...!) Chelle-West
A VCR that's bigger than most TV's PL
Grainge Hill - "Cor blimey Tucker" PL in NY
Noel Edmunds on 'Swap Shop' PL - NY
Jilted John Jilted John
Those 'Clacker' things you could break all your knuckles with - Magic aw
Another pong game jcs
My ten year old 1962 birth certificate - also a rarity aw
Kerrplunk and Buckaroo fp
A Sex Pistol jcs
A packet of Jammy Dodgers KJ
A packet of Iced Gems KJ
A Whizzer and Chips comic KJ
A Hula Hoop KJ
A can of that hairspray with glitter in - Discotastic! KJ
An Evel Kenieval stunt bike KJ
A Six Million Dollar Man 'Action' Figure KJ
A keg of Double Diamond and 2 crates of Pony and Cherry B KJ
A first-class ticket for Laker Airways KJ
A CB radio Rubber Duck
A Skateboard KJ
Safety Pins - for body piercing kenboy
A Rolf Harris Stylophone KJ
Crackerjack Pencil (CRACKERJACK!) Mike Campling
Some more things from the sixties jcs
Elvis Presley "live!" mwk
Kelly the dog from "Z Cars" SR
A lava lamp John Canoe
White Christmases Chris
Free school milk Chris
Proper Summers Chris
old money jcs
A misfiled copy of The Times dated 12th June 1993 jcs
A matching pair of old gits dh
Three Turtlle Doves, Two French Hens, ... what? oh, wrong game. dh
A Triumph Stag dh
A Ford Granada from The Sweeney PL - NY
Side Burns DL
George and Mildred Coyote
Never Mind The Bollocks Coyote
Rod Stewart Look Alikes Coyote
Huggy Bear Mike C
A near-pristine ( played once only ) copy of 'Frampton Comes Alive!' jcs
Ronnie Corbett's cardigan icono
Stretch Armstrong kc
One of the cool belts the 'Tomorrow People' wore to 'jaunt' around. PL - NY
The Professionals SI
The 'Osmonds' Cartoon SI
The entire cabinet of the last Labour government KJ
Ed Straker from UFO TJ
The scary aliens from UFO that breathed green liquid TJ
Oxford Bags Steve Jarman
Tank Tops Steve Jarman
The Goodies Steve Jarman
The Comedians Steve Jarman
Who do you do? Steve Jarman
David Bowie (Aladdin Sane)Lookalikes (this included me!) Steve Jarman
Crystal Tips and Alistair Steve Jarman
Phil Collins with Hair Steve Jarman
The Popomatic Dome (what was that game?) Steve Jarman
French pleated Loons Steve Jarman
Shirts with 20 buttons Steve Jarman
Discoteque's Steve Jarman
Noel Edmonds Jumpers Steve Jarman
Space 1999 Jackie Barker
3 Star Jumpers Gary Broadhurst
parallels (trousers) Gary Broadhurst
Its a Knockout Gary Broadhurst
Gordon Honeycombe Gary Broadhurst
Glam Rock Gary Broadhurst
Jon Pertwee's jacket in Dr Who Steve Jarman
Susan Stranks Steve Jarman
Pauline's Quirks Steve Jarman
A bottle of Cresta lemonade (It's frothy, man!) KJ
A copy of the first issue of 2000AD (complete with 'Space Spinner') Tharg
Texan Bar
Amazon Bar dh
Blakes 7 (oo, the leather!) jim
Crochet Ponchos Penny
wookstock Ralph
Are You Being Served DH
Sid James DH
Una Paloma Blanca DH
tank tops michael
Rock Follies MN
ITFC's great side sjy
Crackerjack Pen an Pencil audrey lilley
Bruce Forsyth's WIG !!!! Audrey and Lesley
Anthea Redfern Audrey and Lesley
Rod Hull and Emu Audrey
Val Doonican's Rocking Chair Mandy
Geoffrey's jumpers from Rainbow Paul T
James Last Orchestra lesley
Raleigh "Choppers" Cola Boy
ukulele Gerry m.
Catweazle Matt
Blakey Matt.
10 is a bird you must not miss, Ma-a-a-agpie! Paul Thompson
Statler and Wardolf
Manuel (I know nuthhhh - ing!)
A Leo Sayer LP (found in any charity shop) Simon Greenwood
A battered copy of 'Jaws' (also found in any charity shop) Simon Greenwood
Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Your-anus Holy Mother of God
a copy of "nice one cyrill" tony dryer
White baggies Nick Z
Love Hearts (sweeties) Nick Z
QPR being good Nick Z
Power cuts Nick Z
Charlie's Angels Nick Z
Trisha Yates SF
"Janet and John" SF
Duffle coats (and bags?) SF
Emerson Fittipaldi Mattias
Planet of the Apes
Boney M. - "Oceans of Fantasy"
A Rockford File JC
Blue Peter JC
Top Deck Cal Jones
Double Diamond (works wonders) Cal Jones
Etch-a-Sketch Cal Jones
Discos (the crisps) Cal Jones
Lollygobblechocbomb icecream bars Cal Jones
Sky Rays Cal Jones
Fuzzy Felt Cal Jones
Josie and the Pussycats Cal Jones
Concordski Cal Jones
Green Shield Stamps Cal Jones
Screen Test Cal Jones
Lorraine Chase Cal Jones
Brown/cream trimphone Kay
Texan Bars Capes
Souvenir Bulls with Pipe Cleaners sticking out of their backs Andrew
blue peter advent calendar David Wilson
David Wilson
Flares made out of straights with a triangular insert (preferably in a contrasting fabric) Jane
Clackers DM
French skipping DM
The Double Deckers DM
The Banana Splits DM
Nesquick DM
Petra and Shep DM
Billy the Cat DM
Gnasher when you thought it was pronounced G-Nasher DM
and of course, Snorkel coats
5-star petrol pm
Big 6 by Judge Dread Bill
Levis stay-prest
Henry Cooper splashing it all over Bill
True LOVe STories-jilted john clairey harry
crystal tips laura
two tone trousers rich n
pacers amanda cantillon
Christopher Lillicrap Mark Dixon
The Old Grey Whistle Test DAVE
Houses not being able to get BBC2 DH
Bazooka Joe JD
That Pop-a-matic game Frustration Mikey
Jam Shoes Ian
Legs & Co and Pans People A,A,S,A & K
Angel Delight......Butterscotch of course : ) Geezer Bird
PIPKINS!!!!!! That bastard brummy Pig geezerbird
Jim'll fix it for yoooooooooooooooooooooooooo geezerbird
The Tarzan cartoon....."UNGOWAH!!!!!" geezerbird
Dick Emery show geezerbird
SWINGBALL!!!!!!!! geezerbird
Lizzie Dripping geezerbird
Silver and gold party truly believed you looked sad. geezerbird
Showaddywaddy..............*HURL* geezerbird
Button Moon geezerbird
Choppers,Chippers and Grifters geezerbird
hulahoops geezerbird
The Red Hand Gang!!!!!! geezerbird
pippa dolls, girls world and s-s-s-slinkeys geezerbird
making your "Sindy doll" bonk your brothers Eagle Eyed Action Man geezerbird
"5 Pints" revolting dried milk...and gross "Nimble" bread geezerbird
"Tales Of the Unexpected" and "Hammer House of Horrors" tv shows geezerbird
Duffle coat bod
high karratae and denem aftershave, milktray men diving from cliffs steve
ten bob for the meter, and coop stores steve
Radio Luxemburg Bri
Ready Steady Go GDC
Patterned shirts and ties - in the same pattern GDC
Cuban heels GDC
Easy Rider GDC
underground rock GDC
Tie and dye T-shirts GDC
Suede and leather lace-up wrist bands GDC
pop poppy
Corona lemonade GZP
ooya! (oohyabastard!) The Beano
pans people totp
Monkey Boots Pablo
My pregenant mum Flibble
rubiks cube jb
opal mints (chewy spearmint flavour) MSS-L
Colditz - The Series MSS-L
Real snow that lasted more than 24 hrs MSS-L
Condoms you couldn't see daylight through MSS-L
O levels, CSE's and those that left a month early MSS-L
Wagon Wheels the size of a dinner plate MSS-L
Knee length white socks (up to 16yrs old) MSS-L
Brown - cars, clothing, paint, wallpaper, carpets MSS-L
The Wombles MSS-L
Skinny rib jumpers MSS-L
New Capri's with driver over 25 MSS-L
New Top 20 on Radio 1 Tuesday (during school lunchtime) MSS-L
Bohemian Rhapsody MSS-L
Petrol rationing/3 day weeks/power cuts MSS-L
Bread strikes MSS-L
32 a week average wage MSS-L
Hot Pants MSS-L
Dry ice/bubble machines @ village hall disco's MSS-L
Pocket calculators (cost a week's wages) MSS-L
Chopper Bikes G.L.
Arnold Palmer's Pro shot golf G.L.
Austin Princess's G.L.
Champion the wonder horse G.L.
Harry Worth G.L.
Aztec choc bars G.L.
Bumper Boots G.L.
Leather Laced footballs (when wet broke your foot when kicked in plimsoles) G.L.
The Clangers G.L.
Sing Something Simple (which came on after the Pick Of The Pops on sunday eve) G.L.
Pogo sticks G.L.
The Banana Splits And The Double Deckers ( tv progs) G.L.
Tiger Tails G.L.
ESSO's 1970 World cup coins G.L.
Pea shooters and Spud guns G.L.
Green Sheild Stamps G.L.
Hop Scotch G.L.
Chickory Tip G.L.
Camblewick Green G.L.
Bath night ( sunday night ready for school ) G.L.
Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks.................( crap. ) G.L.
Black and White minstral show G.L.
Chicken in the basket
Starlight bitter CJ
texan bars craig
245 hokey cards njr
Raleigh Tomahawk bikes. Shane Lockhead
2 star , 3 star , 4 star and 5 star petrol. None of that unleaded crap ! Shane Lockhead
The Flashing Blade (you've got to fight for what is right) EN