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Picture the scene.. the Generation Game producer has recruited you to help decide what prizes should go on the conveyor belt at the end of the show, which has a 1980s theme. What are you waiting for, they are recording the next series so start suggesting items now!
A Capri from The Professionals dh
Some Tales Of The Unexpected dh
A bicycle rjm
An Audi Quattro dh
Long Lunches With Eurobond Traders dh
A Space Invader rjm
A Pub Quiz Machine ICH
ABBAS greatest hits 1980-1980 a bit Ooster Urda Flinga
Corgi "Metal Mickey" mwk
A bit of the Belgrano mwk
A Rubik's Cube Stig
A Rubik cube..How to do it book Stig
A CND Rally jcs
Iguana-skin Filofax with map of the world's cities Dave
A Delorian Motor Car With A Full Tank Of Vintage Amoco Cadiz James Hunt
Keith Chegwin Maggie Philbin
The New, Economic, Spacious, Family size.....Mini Metro. B Leyland
A pair of nipple rings Phil Oakley
deely-bopppers Chelle-West
A 'WHAM' album Chelle-West
a 'RELAX' t-shirt Chelle-West
Gonks The Smurfs
A new romantic haircut Chelle-West
Arthur Scargill Tory Central Office
Central heating system run on Champagne K Bollinger
The Thompson Twins PL - NY
"West End Girls" PL - NY
1970's Nostalgia aw
A Sinclair C5 KJ
Crockett's Ferrari in "Miami Vice" sdk
A 'I hate/love/shot JR' mug/t-shirt/car sticker set KJ
That mate of Howard Jones (who threw off his 'mental chains') KJ
A Cabbage Patch Doll KJ
Puberty (well mine was in the 80's) KJ
Purdy's catsuit from The New Avengers KJ
A NEXT directory KJ
Rock Follies dh
Paul Michael Glaser's huge cardigan (as seen on Starsky and Hutch) KJ
Limahl out of Kajagoogoo Mike Campling
Nik Kershaw's Snood KJ
Elvis Presley "live!" On The Moon mwk
Wobbly RAM pack Seymor Cray
Erica Roe at Twickers Max Headroom
1987 jcs
A mobile phone the size of a briefcase ! PL - NY
Apple MacIntosh COYOTE
The Evil Empire COYOTE
A bottle of vile beer with a slice of lime in the top Simmo
Ian McNaught Davies (remember Micro Live?) BBC
Chris Tarrant on O.T.T. wobbly
The Big Bang TJ
Shortly followed by Black Monday TJ
"A lady has rung up to say that she has heard that there is going to be a hurricane." TJ
Pedal Pushers AT
T-Bag T-Shirts AT
Kajagoogoo AT
The VIC-20 (8k RAM) Steve Jarman
Live Aid (We want your Bl**dy money) Kate Bavester
Rhubarb Steve Murrey
The Sinclair Spectrum (48k RAM Ha!) Steve Murrey
Steve Jarman Eric Clapton
Steve Jarman Eric Clapton
Culottes Kate Bavester
Pixie boots Kate Bavester
Bright Pink Eye shadow Kate Bavester
Leg warmers Geraldine Hayward
The tube Geraldine Hayward
Phil Collins plays on everybody's albums Steve Jarman
Adam Ant Steve Jarman
Riginal Bosenquet Steve Jarman
Reginald Bosenquet (Spelt correctly) Steve Jarman
N.T.N.O.C.N (Stephenson, Atkinson, Smith Steve Jarman
The Corney & Barrow Fitness Association dh
Mike, Neil, Rick and Vyvyan jim
Rock musicians wearing tight leather and makeup and not feeling massively embarrassed for years afterwards jim
Maggie and Ronald (a match made in Hell) jim
The First Episodes of Brookside DH
Songs about "soul on the dole" DH
Howards Way DH
Kids from "FAME" T.V. Series Lesley Vance
Spangly Legwarmers Susan Thorburn
Rod Hull & Emu show with " Grotbags" Lesley and Audrey
Haircut 100 - my heroes susan
Boy George & Culture Club The biggest fan ever - Lesley
Tartan Jeans Audrey
" The Jackie" Lesley
Blankety Blank Chequebook and Pen!! Paul T
fingerless gloves Audrey
A Dead Bee-Gee Cerebus
"Gated" Drum sounds on records. Cola Boy
Michael Jackson DRH
Rod Hull & Emu show with " Grotbags" Raymondo
Dragon 64K Gareth
Dragon 32K (wow) Gareth
Brian Cant Elizabeth
trilby hats john taylor
A kinder egg (Chocaloopie!)
A bottle of kia-ora (too orangey for crows)
an aspidistra (Gronda Gronda!) Mr Doogy Rev
Garbage Pail kids card Big Daddy-o
A spastic annonymous
MTV Annette Leonard
Grifters / Strikers / Boxers SF
Five Star SF
The Birdie Song SF
Blue Peter Badge JC
A little garden in a bottle zeb
Animated ITV logos. Peter Prodge
a doll that poos itself poohy doll
The smurfs Fatman
Mini Metro Stephen R.
A Bonsai Tree Stephen R.
Runaround - nahhhhh Dixie
gobbies and steelies LC
Sons and Daughters & Young Doctors
Poochie LC
Dungeons and Dragons (the TV series) Dave
Jamie and His Magic Torch Dave
BBC Micros being cool DAVE
The bloke with the beard on Razmataz old git
The phantom raspberry blower of old London town DH
Pringle golfing sweaters DH
haircut 100 susan
White Socks JD
Men in eyeliner Mikey
Harrington Jackets Mikey
School Discos Mikey
The Youth Training Schemes (YTS) & slave labour... Mikey
Soft Cell..........FGTH......Go West........cringe geezerbird
BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD haircuts and too much hairspray/gel geezerbird
Duranies....... geezerbird
Fizz bomb sweets geezerbird
20 pence WOW! geezerbird
Charles and Dianas wedding.......why didnt she iron that dress? geezerbird
JUMPSUITS/BOILERSUITS!!!!!!!!!!! geezerbird
Top Rank discos geezerbird
blue eyeliner and mascara...and Iron lady lipstick geezerbird
pointy shoes with bows....white tights....pencil skirts geezerbird
thinking that Miss Selfridges was really SOPHISTICATED geezerbird
Madness....Baggy Trousers...........god Suggs was a dude geezerbird
MAXWELL....BREAK THE SOUND BARRIER..whispered V cool advert on tv geezerbird
Wedge haircuts & TAILS! Teeny pony tails/plaits hanging from your short wedge cut geezerbird
nutella....and those free very kind geezerbird
Starsky and Hutch red Car with a white stripe !!!! Bloke
Keith Harris & Orville pfm
..... and the bl**dy monkey pfm
vauxhall nova pfm
dusty bin pfm
Box set of Danger Mouse videos Dave Shaft
david sylvian ( of Japan fame) cinderella
dry ice discos cinderella
The A Team Van Simmo
WIZBIT!!! a bad acid trip *shudders* paul daniels
delorias motors james hunt
umbungo,umbungo, they drink it in the jungle no idea
Molly Ringwald JH
Texan bars, Spangles, Pacers, Nutty's and remember Disco crisps used to be massive. Teex
a pound coin, as they were introduced in 1983 un_col
luminous pink fluffy socks, a maroon fred perry, a harrington jacket, and spensers pleated trousers shad40
Betamax video recorder Allen Hardy
C H O C K Y !!!!!!!!!!!!! Allen Hardy
Lion-O Kit, Kat, Panthera - Thundercats! M
David Hasslehoff and Kit M
Grange Hill
Yale cardigan Steve Jarman
Boxing boots Steve Jarman
A Crass LP Phil Hedgehog
Yamaha FS1E (Fizzy) Pablo
Roller Disco DrBob
AIDS jinx
Home Studio recording al whittle
New romantics who only drink champagne (or cava if they're skint) 2shyshyhushhush-i2i
blue leather jackets 2shyshyhushhush-i2i
rupert the bear trousers nice tackle

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