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Picture the scene.. the Generation Game producer has recruited you to help decide what prizes should go on the conveyor belt at the end of the show. What are you waiting for, they are recording the next series so start suggesting items now!
Towels dh
A Lace Tablecloth dh
A Holiday In Portugal dh
His and Hers Matching Watches dh
His and Hers Matching Anoraks dh
A Great White Shark dh
Assorted Skateboards dh
Two Reams Of Copier Paper dh
A Crash Helmet dh
Two Pounds Of Sprouts dh
Microsoft Internet Information Server Software ICH
The FA Cup rjm
A cheque for 50 from Lee Haines RJI
A "Let's Go Trainspotting" guide Noel
The 1966 World Cup Football Noel
A Smarties tube containing illegal substances ICH
Two Apples dh
....and a nice pair Pete The Perv
A Pidgeon Paul J Reuter
The Last London Evening News PL - NY
A dozen oysters dh
An Eric Clapton popular music cd dh
A photograph of my sister in her underwear aw
DIY Gene Splicing kit aw
Henry the Big Green Engine jcs
Some Leaves aw
His and Hers Watching Matches aw
Half a Bifocal aw
Last weeks National Lottery winning ticket mwk
A tax return Ken Dodd
Another conveyor belt rjm
Catering Size Tin Of Fruit Salad aw
Freeze Dried Ice Cream dh
A Bowler Hat Opener aw
A Tube Of Toothpaste dh
A Leather Settee dh
A Wellington Boot Full Of Swarfega aw
A fondue set jcs
A shrubbery Ni
A can of worms Trouble
A spoonful of sugar Mary
A sheep and a kangeroo A Wooley-Jumper
Another conveyor belt rjm
Powdered Water (just add....?) SW
A box of jelly beans from Cafe 85 Egon Ronay
Frank Carson jcs
A file of sorts Arthur Chunder
A long wait lubricted with elbow grease Arthur Chunder
A little sugar Daddy
some pine jcs
A pair of vertebra (3rd and 4th) aw
The Sheriff of Nottingham jcs
A shotgun (unused) dh
A Game Of Quasar dh
A conveyor belt detector rjm
A Cold Brick Lane Curry PL - NY
Bob Dole's Right Arm PL - NY
Dr. Strangelove sdk
Peter Sellers sdk
The Pink Panther sdk
Henry Mancini sdk
Spare parts for a conveyor belt rjm
Equity Focus Gold Card icono
One hand (for doing some Zen clapping) kc
His 'n' hers executive nipple clamps Bob
Arsenal FC Second Team dh
Spaghetti dh
Sellotape Fastener dh
A twelve-inch pianist jim
Assorted Royalty DH
The Spice Girls DH
An Apple DH
An armadillo and three pork pies. DH
Squirrels Sqirrelboy
Saint Etienne Cola Boy
Sarah Cracknell Bob Stanley
The Integrated Asstrollogical Guide to Self-Empowerment Edmond Wollmann
Pickled ABBA Dave
A Keg of Metaphorical Beer Dave
Mornington Cresent DAVE
a palm m505 donky
A Remington Fuzzaway Mikey
war DH
smart women (its a trick prize) yo yo ma
2 easy chairs and a cucumber why
Encyclopedia of Sexual Shenanigans Twisted Quill
Isla St Clair onlyme

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