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Ever since I've been on this diet people are saying I'm obsessed with food. I'm not, but any time I switch on to the local radiostation they're playing a song that reminds me how hungry I am. This morning there was:
  • Lettuce be
  • Return of the (big) Mac
  • Wok Me Up Before You Go Go
  • Is it just me or is the same food conspiracy running on the Satellite TV film channels? Just browsing through the tv listings shows that this week you can see all of the following classics...
  • The Ten Condiments
  • Fried Egg The Thirteenth
  • The man with the golden BUN
  • 20,000 LEEKS under the sea
  • It's not difficult to see what was on their mind when they named these films, TV programmes, and songs!
  • Big in Japan
  • Brief Encounter
  • Blue Peter
  • Dick Tracey
  • Feeling Glad All Over
  • Pump up the jam
  • Picture the scene.. the Generation Game producer has recruited you to help decide what prizes should go on the conveyor belt at the end of the show. What are you waiting for, they are recording the next series so start suggesting items now! The first two games are 'freestyle', the specials have a theme!

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